Art On The Faith Trail Exhibition

The 2017 Art On The Faith Trail Exhibition was launched by the Dean of St. David's, at St David's Cathedral at 4pm on Friday 16th June.


This year the trail runs from the 16th June to 31st July at: St David's Cathedral; St Hywel, Llanhywel; St Nicholas, St Nicholas village; St Rhian, Llanrhian; St Gwyndaf, Llanwnda; St Brynach, Pontfaen; St David, Llanychaer; St Peter's, Little Newcastle; All Saints, Walton West; St James Great, Walwyn's Castle; St James Dale; St Peter Marloes.

There is no overall theme to the exhibition. The "Faith Trail" in the title is a reference to the paths used in ancient times by pilgrims making their way to St David's Cathedral. The exhibition is as diverse as the artists themselves who include: Eliot Baron, Richard Blacklaw-Jones, Martin Crampin, Buzz Knapp-Fisher, Warren Heaton, Diana Hoare, Robert Jakes, Miriam Scott (poet), Louise Payne, Austen Pinkerton, Nigel Sutton, Jean Thomas, Rod Williams and Sarah Williams.

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Boats At Port Clais

Churches Participating In Art On The Faith Trail 2017
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Solva Bluebells 2014
Wells of Words
(First Verse)
A high green hill, near the river,                  
                         guarded by beautiful horses
You’re a poet and storyteller, rooted
in the clear light and sea-encircled land
of South Pembrokeshire: this coast your coast;
this beach your haven; this old post office your home.
You come from somewhere. Now
you write.
Land, home, hope, all call poems closer.
You thought big city mind worked best.
Now lovely peninsulas under wide skies
whisper in your ear, broad green lands
ask to borrow your voice, greet you by name.
© Miriam Scott
Abereiddy Rain
The Paradise Garden